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    Sonic Blast Man 2

    Same Character Player one should choose a character normally at the character selection screen. Then, hold L + R on controller two while selecting the same character for player two.
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    Sonic Blast Man

    Same Character Hold L + R on controller two at the player selection screen. Player two may now select the same character as player one. Very Hard Difficulty Wait until the "Press Start" text flashes four times at the title screen, then hold R + L and press Start. Select the "Very Hard" selection from the option screen. Level Select Enter the option screen and highlight the "Music Test" selection. Press Left or Right to select a level. Hold Select and press L, R(2), L, Start. Note: This also works for the Boss levels.
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    Smash Tennis

    Play European Open Press A, X, B, A, Y, X, A(2). Australian Open Press X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A. Play Asian Open Press A, Y, A(2), Y, X, Y, A. Play American Open Press X, B, A(2), Y, A, X, A.
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    Smart Ball

    Level Select Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Start at the title screen, after the text "Push Start Button" flashes. Press Left or Right to select a level and Start to begin game play.
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    Last level w/ 30 lives Match the colored squares on the password screen and press Start.
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    Level - Password 2 - CRUEL MAN CRUEL BIRD 3 - CLAW IS MEAN DOCK 4 - BIG WILD ANGRY FLY 5 - FLY HOME LAZY WORD In Game Hints Press R, L, R at the island map and text at the beginning of each level. Clues to the secret areas will be displayed.
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    Cheat Mode Hold L + R and press Start at the title screen. This will allow access to a sound test, the ending sequence, and the Gaia list. World Select Enter the main menu from the title screen. Choose the scenario command without using Start. Hold L + R + Y and press A to enter the world select screen. Select any of the eight worlds for game play.
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    SimCity 2000

    Start with $1,000,000 Select Land of Freedom and enter your name. Then enter your city name as New York. You now have 1,000,000 dollars! Control Tax Money Lay low with your money and buy small amounts of everything. Keep low on residential, commercial, and industry. Build what the citizens want when you can afford it. Continue to do this until you start to progress in tax money.
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    Defeat Red Ants Rapidly tap A when fighting a red ant. Convert To Queen Enter the house and move between the television and the chair. Use the electric socket closest to the colony to shock yourself. The word "Change" will appear to confirm correct trick entry. You will reappear in the colony as the Queen. Cat Easter Egg Begin game play in full game mode. Select the graph icon and press A again. Wait for the cat to appear on the fence during the house scene. Point the cursor at the cat and press A. The cat's eyes will bulge as it falls every time A is pressed. Scenario Select Attach a mouse controller to port two. Use controller one to begin a game and enter scenario mode. Use the mouse to highlight the scenarios, and use controller one to select a scenario.
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    Shadowrun Reset If you die during the game and want to reset without having to get up, just push at the same time R+L+Select+Start and it will bring you back to the title screen. I this is most useful during the arena fights if you die or get pulled out. Shadowrun Finger Shooter To turn the targeting crosshair into the hand pointer, take out your gun as if you're about to shoot something, pause it, then exit that menu. When you get back to the main screen, press B then A to shoot something. If done Correctly, your Crosshair will be the hand cursor! Shadowrun How to Disable the Cortex Bomb in your head When you ask the Street Doc in Old town to look at your datajack, the cortex bomb will activate. You have 30 hours to get to Daley via monorail and go east south of the Aneki HQ. There will be professional Street Doc there that can disable the cortex bomb. He also has cyber equipment so you don't have to hire deckers and longer because you youself can log into the Matrix with your own AI.
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    Secret of Mana

    Get back into Potos Village After you are banished from Potos village, and have both the Sprite and the girl on your team, goto the guy who says, " You are hereby banished from Potos village." Hit select several times while pushing towards him and you will morph through him and into Potos Village! Avoid Magic Damage When one of your character gets a spell cast on him/her use the midge mallet twice and that character will revieve no damage. Defeat Dark Lich the Easy Way In many walkthroughs for SoM, they always want you to do complicated stuff when it comes to killing the second to last boss, the Dark Lich. Instead, just have a couple fairie walnuts and when the Dark Lich appears, just start pummeling him with the Lumina spell. Right after you cast it, keep checking on when you can use another one of the girl's spells. When her spells become active again, use the Lumina again. Repeat. If the girl's MP gets low, have the Sprite use a fairie walnut on her. If all goes well, you should be able to defeat the Dark Lich without getting a scratch and before he even has a chance to do anything! Easy way to beat the last boss To beat the last boss without losing one point of life use the "mimibelt". When the boss attacking you have to transform yourself just before you get hit and then nothing will happen to you. You have to repeat this move before every attack. Hidden Areas The first one I found is a salesperson selling some good items in the Castle of Tansicia (is that how you spell it?). Go to the room with the bridge. You can already see him. Do this: 1. Go behind the bar. 2. You should be able to walk into a wall behind there. 3. Make your way around into the room. 4. You can still talk to the person while you're standing on the ground. Note: This second one is completely pointless, even though it's fun. Haven't you always wanted to work at a hotel? Here's your chance! Just do this! 1. Go to the inn at Matango. 2. Walk into the wall on the left side. 3. Make your way around to stand at the counter! Infinite Life Once you have to have four of each type of healing item, you use them all one by one. When you're done you will have infanite life. Invincibility Get fired out of the cannon 50 times. Level 9 Sword You can get the lv 9 sword without using the mana spell. You need the lv 8 sword and Flammie. Near the Ice Palace there will be a very small island next to it. Land on it. If you go up and see neko when you land talk to him and save the game. Hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds, which will reset the game. Start a new game and keep playing until you meet the 1st Mantis boss. During the battle (not when they are talking and not after you win) hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds again. Select the game where you saved it at neko. When you start the data you will be in the hole where the mantis boss is. Kill it (which shouldn't be that hard) and you will get a power up for the sword. Go to Watts and you can get the Mana Sword. Note: Do not try this more than once, it will mess up your data. Also you should make an extra data because you might mess up and the you wont be able to use the data anymore. Mana Sword the REAL way If you are thinking that the other 'mana sword gaining techniques' are dodgy, fear not. Go to the Mana fortress and kill as many enemies as it takes to get a chest. It will usually contain useless things, but eventually (after ages) you will get an orb. It may not be the final orb of the sword, if not it will be the orb for another weapon. Repeat until finally successful. Super-powered spells This trick takes patience to do. Every time you get a Mana Seed, you will be able to increase your magic's level. But, you have to use the magic a lot to make it increase (which takes a while). Once you get your magic spells in level 7, they will start to be super-powered. They will not do it every time, but you will know when they do. Once the spells get into level 8, the spells will be super-powered other spells will be super-powered. Unlimited Weapon Orbs Go to any chest in a dungeon that has an orb and open it, then use the magic rope to teleport to the entrance of the dungeon. Go to the nearest watt and have him forge the weapon. then return to the chest where you found the orb and another of the same type of orb will be there. repeat this process as many times as you'd like. (note: Do not forge your weapon past its highest phase or it will be turned back to it's very first stage i.e. if you forge your sword to its 9th and final stage the forge it once more it will become the rusty blade.)
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    Seaquest DSV

    These are passwords to various stages for practice purposes only. You are given 99 lives, but when you complete an area, you are not allowed to continue. PLVT0NM - Sector 0 R3SCV3* - Sector 0 SP33D3R - Sector 1 FIXTNKR - Sector 1 R34CT0R - Sector 1 S3CVRTY - Sector 1 D4R*WIN - Sector 2 TOXIC4V - Sector 2 PRIS0NR - Sector 2 DRVGL4B - Sector 2 B4TLSHP - Sector 2 SHI3LD* - Sector 2 (* Designates the SeaQuest symbol) Secret Options On the Main Bridge screen, press L, R, B, A, Left, Right, X, Y, Up and Down to make the Debug screen appear. Then use the Control Pad to highlight the weapon or item you'd like to increase or decrease.
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    Scooby-Doo Mystery

    Scooby-Doo Mystery Crazy Slide Tip (Level 2) On level 2 enter the crazy slide. When you come to the exit Jump and hold to the right. The slide will contiue.There will be 5 scooby snacks spread out. Jump to get them. There will be two exit signs. Jump into them to exit the slide. Scooby-Doo Mystery Passwords Level Password2 TDBKSRQ3 XLWPMTC4 NBKSDLV Scooby-Doo Mystery Credits To view the credits, enter SPNNR as a password.
  15. Instant Anger Climb the turnbuckle and tap the Pin button. Your wrestler will turn semi-red and automatically become angry and powerful. Weapons Climb out of the ring and grab an item. Move to the left or right side of the ring, and jump. Press the Attack button while in mid-jump to throw the item into the ring. Return to the ring and take the item.
  16. RAGE

    S.W.A.T. Kats

    Level Passwords Megakat City completed - 6B-88-40-H4 Megakat City and Megakat Bank completed - 2H-02-72-H8 Megakat City, Bank, Madkat Amusement completed - C9-7F-72-13 Megakat CITY, bank, Madkat, Sea Boat completed - 4-89-B2-1H
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    S.O.S. Sink or Swim

    Different Stages Type in the passwords to get to the stage next to it. Stage 5- CRUMBS Stage 10- JUMPED Stage 15- JIGSAW Stage 20- WARSAW Stage 25- BANANA Stage 30- OYSTER Stage 35- TENNIS Stage 40- ISLAND Stage 45- CRATER Stage 50- DENNIS Stage 55- PADDLE Stage 60- FATMAN Stage 65- SUMMER Stage 70- CLOUDS Stage 75- KEBABS Stage 80- LIZARD Stage 85- SILVER Stage 90- BRIDGE Stage 95- RECORD
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    Run Saber

    Run Saber Secret Menu On the copyright screen, hold B, Y, SELECT, and RIGHT together. Run Saber Change Character Colors Pause the game, and then press SELECT.
  19. Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire Unlimited Soldiers For nearly unlimited soldiers, perform the following actions. Start a war. Choose your officers normally, but create 2 or more units. Go to the next screen by pressing the A button in "Enter". Put 1 soldier in each unit, and all the others in one unit. Press "Enter". The game will ask, "Are you ready to start battle?" Choose NO. You will back to the unit-creating screen. Dismiss the unit that you choice in step 4 and re-create it. Press "Enter".
  20. Super Season Enter LZFMJY RBZVJS FY7WFX 6CBBN5 as a password to be in first place by 33 games
  21. RAGE

    Rocky Rodent

    Cheat Mode Press Start at the title screen. Press Y, A, R, A, B, A as Rocky begins to run across the screen. The "Extra Mode" screen will appear, allowing various game options to be adjusted. Set the "Continues" option to "?" for unlimited continues.
  22. RAGE

    Rocko's Modern Life

    Passwords Level - Easy Difficulty - Hard Difficulty 2 - COMICS - BLAZEZ 3 - MELBA - O-TOWN 4 - HIPPO - GRIPES Bone Animation Press the D-pad and buttons to control the Nickelodeon bone that appears after the license screen. Press X + Y to lengthen or A + B to shorten the bone. Press Select to replay your animation.
  23. RAGE

    The Rocketeer

    Rocketeer Level Select At the title screen press L, R, L, R, Down. You will hear a metallic sound. Start with one or two players and then you can select your stage.
  24. RAGE

    Rock'n Roll Racing

    Rock 'n Roll Racing Fast Cars and Loose Cash For a super fast driver, a rad looking car, and a cool $990,000, enter the password "4HFT C0P0 5TJ!". Rock 'n Roll Racing Passwords These warrior-level passwords will keep you rolling along. Level PasswordChem VI, B Class DR8R QQTX RS6MChem VI, A Class OBD8 QQRX SWJ!Drakonis, B Class 7CB8 Q8T5 SWJ!Drakonis, A Class ZCB8 Q8R5 SWJ!Bogmire, B Class !CB8 Q8TD SWJ!Bogmire, A Class KFBR Q8RD 92J!New Mojave, B Class SFBR Q8TN 92J!New Mojave, A Class JFBR Q8RN 92J!NHO, B Class MFBR Q8SX 92J!NHO, A Class CFYR Q8QX 5TJ!Inferno, B Class LFYR Q8S5 5TJ!Inferno, B Class BFYR Q8Q5 5TJ! Rock 'n Roll Racing Play as Olaf the Viking When choosing your player hold L + R + Select and scroll through the characters until you see Olaf. Rock 'n Roll Racing Play in Inferno in VS mode When choosing a planet in VS mode, hold L + R + Select and scroll through the planets until Inferno appears. Rock 'n Roll Racing Sound Test Go to the options screen and turn Larry off, then using A, B, X, or Y, turn him back on and continue to hold the button down. Now every time you press L, you'll hear one of the different things Larry says.
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    Robotrek Secret Library On planet Kiara before you take the Spaceship to planet Choco, search the area about five spaces right and seven to nine spaces up from Quintenix. Here you'll find the complete Inventor's Friend collection, including volumes on how to make Laser 3, Blade 4, and the Solar Pack! Robotrek Empty Pack Uses When you get a empty pack, you can combine it with other things to get better packs. For example, if you combined it with weather you get a SOLAR PACK. If combined with repair you get a QUICK PACK. Robotrek Hint: Money Making Game Here's a way to get easy money. Go to the store and buy an equal ammount of smokes and cures. Each pair costs 80 gp. Now, go to an R&D and combine a smoke with a cure. You should get a big bomb. You can recycle that big bomb for 100 gp, 20 more than you paid.
  26. Robocop versus The Terminator Bonus Level If you enter the code HKFL on the password screen you will be warped to the level after the Skynet destroyer. Robocop versus The Terminator Passwords Level Password2 DLTC3 MWSX4 TPST 5 BSHK 6 SKTR7 SKMD 8 DRFT 9 SKNN10 MWFXEnding HUSD Robocop versus The Terminator Strange Credits Finish the game and during the credits screen, press B. After the original credits screen, you'll see strange credits like "Thanks to Bill Clinton" and "The Beatles." Robocop versus The Terminator Game Genie Codes DLLB-TA3N Don't lose special weapons when you dieDBB3-CD0D Start with 9 livesDEB3-CD0D Start with 15 lives--IGNORE COUNTERDE63-C460 Rockets do more damageDE60-4460 Normal pistol does more damage30 7D66-1F00 Plasma Rifle does massive damage31 FD64-446F Only 10 Terminators to kill on the 3-D Stage32 7D64-446F Only 30 Terminators to kill on the 3-D Stage
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