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  1. RAGE

    Stunt Race FX

    CPU control Select the "Battle Trax" option and choose cars for both players. Start the race and do not use either controller. The CPU will take over each car after three seconds. White Land track warp Select the "Free Trax" option, the 2WD car, and the White Land track. Press Jump near the Stunt Race FX sign near the beginning of the race to go to the upper part of the track. StarFox power-up Race on the Night Cruise course. Hit the wall under the StarFox sign. Go to the left or right side of the median on turn four without hitting it. StarFox will fly overhead and drop a power-up. Control intermission sequence Pause the game. Control the animated car by pressing L and R (brake), Y (accelerate), and Select (reverse). Radio control Complete all four Stunt Trax courses, then press Up at the course selection screen. In-game reset Hold L + R + Select and press Start during game play. Diagonal view Press L + R + Select during game play.
  2. RAGE

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  3. RAGE

    Speed Racer

    Street Racer Alter Attributes On the character select screen press X, Y, X, Y, X, Y then hold X. Press Left to decrease an attribute or Right to increase it. Street Racer Extra Tracks Go to the custom cup screen and press L, R, L, R, X, Y. You will have 24 tracks available. Street Racer Playing Tip When you're in Suzulu 3, use this trick for an extra fast lap. As you pass the first large pond, turn left and follow the wall along. there will be a hole in the wall. Go through it to skip half the track.
  4. RAGE

    Street Combat

    50 continues Select the option mode selection on the title screen press Start. Highlight the "Credit" option and press Select(10). Hidden Characters Highlight the two player option on the title screen. Hold L + R and press Start. A new character selection screen will appear.
  5. RAGE


    Secret Room There is a secret room that will with supplies and energy available during the battle with Ra. Jump to the bottom of the screen and move off the right edge of the screen.
  6. RAGE

    Star Trek : Starfleet Academy

    look at that price tag lol
  7. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Beat the Kobayashi Maru At the Cadet Registration screen, hold L + R + Select. Now press A, B, A, B, X, Y, X, Y. Choose a character, then press Select to start the game. Repeat the code on the Password screen to continue your game. You can now win the Kobayashi Maru by hailing the Klingons; just like James T. Kirk did in his training days. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy New Starships in Training Simulator At the Simulator Option screen, hold L + R + Select and press A, Y, B, Y. This will add new player and opponent ships to the Combat and two-player training. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Original Names At the new cadet registration screen hold L + R + Select and press X, Y, X, Y. Next press A, B, A, B to change the names of the players to characters from the Star Trek series. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Beat the Wrath of Khan Go to the simulation option and select 'The Wrath of Khan'. There will be a message from the Space Lab. Then, go to Ship Status to choose Red alert and turn your Tactical display on. Warp to deep space to fight the USS RELIANT. Please note: the Reliant takes out your shields in 2 shots! Fire your phasers and photon torpedoes at the opponent until they signal you. Reply to the hail by choosing choice A:"Genesis, what's that?" Next, select B: "Khan, how do we know you'll keep your word?". Then, C, the opponant's prefix code:16309. After you've done that, the Reliant will warp out, stay behind and repair your shields. Navigate to where the Reliant warped to and start fighting. Hail the Reliant, Kirk will say, "Khan, you bloodsucker!..." In the middle of the message, it says that Khan beamed up the Genesis device. Begin fighting the Reliant until it spins out of control. Hail the ship! Move away from the damaged starship 'til your engineer says the Warp Power is back on-line! Then, set course for Ceti Alpha 5 and warp out. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Special Ending At the Password Option screen, hold L + R + Select and press X, X, X, A, L, A, R, Y, A, R, A, A. Next press X, Y, X, Y, Y, A, B, A, B. Release all buttons, then press Select again. Return to the screen with the picture menus and choose Insignia. Choose "Ship" when he gives you an option. Hail the Kobayashi Maru by choosing choice A, and navigate toward 014,021. When the computer says the Klingons are about to attack, hail them! Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Play as the Excelsior To control the Prototype-A Excelsior Class starship, do the following. Enter the Extra ships code. Go to two-player mode and set Player One as the Gorn Cruiser and Player Two as the Romulan Phoenix. Fight the battle and let the Phoenix win. Return to combat training to access the Excelsior. Note: If you change ships during the game you'll have to reenter this code. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Passwords Level Password102 xxxraxalxryy103 xxxrlyyaxryx104 xxxryyaxxryl Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Prototype Ship in Training Simulator You need at least two controlers for this to work. First, enter the2-Player Combat Training. Then do the extra ship code on controller 1.Player 1 must pick the Gorn Crusier and Player 2 must pick the Pheonix. Gointo the simulator and have the Pheonix win. Finally, enter the 1-playerCombat Simulator. The first ship that is avalible is the FederationPrototype. This is the ultimate ship. It can destroy almost anything inabout two hits.
  8. Mission Passwords Mission - Password 1 - NUHHOM 2 - SEPLOS 3 - YOSMIS 4 - VANDAQ 5 - BIQPUM 6 - DISYIB 7 - NUDJIB 8 - VESDUJ 9 - YOTHOM 10 - QUVMOH
  9. Level Select Press Y(2), X(2), A(2), B(2) at the title screen. A tone will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to pause game play, then press Y to display the level selection screen. View Ending FMV Enter TFTTLTBV as a password. Level Passwords Mission - Password Orientis Alpha IV Epidemic - BGTTBTBU Eunacian's Derelict Spacecraft - CGTTBTBB Trapped Miners on Orientis Gamma IIB - DJTTCTBV Trip to Codis Mu IV concerning Tavad - GCTTCTBV Rescue captured Nakamoti Freighter - JFTTCTBV Trip to Codis Mu VI Collect - KFTTCTBB Appearance of the IFD - LQTTCTBB Crystal Shard 1 - LHTTMTBV Crystal Shard 2 - MGTTMTBV Crystal Shard 3 - NNTTHTBB Go to the Final Test Enter PHTTNTBV as a password.
  10. RAGE

    Star Ocean

    Unlimited Charm Accessories *Milly is required for this At the town of Sylvlant, do a Private Action (Press Y outside the town). As soon as it begins, leave the town. Milly will give you the Charm accessory. If you do this gain you will get another Charm. Do this as many times as you want for Charm after Charm. Only Ratix can equip charm, so you only need two.
  11. RAGE

    Spindizzy Worlds

    Level Passwords Beginner - lv?8A?8t Pak Attack - lv?oCP?3 Tripat - lv?10c?8m Ball Race - Dv?16hHfx Frigia - HvdsC3?R Grass Hopper - Bv?JaBm3 The Obelisk Run - Ev5LQV3Q The Grass Maze - BR7JaE0a Buxton Cat - lmSTJ9?W Sandy Island - lmQUKN!1 Roller-ama - Cn2AUAeP Water Works - KoBAK32o Misdirection - lmAQC9eZ Castle Quest - Bq6AlCFz Pyramidea - ikAABNdW Water World - PgAEaaBn Canal Side - PgAFyaCA Radima - NgACYkiH Torture - ikAAAoJc
  12. Hint Go to the sewer, defeat the lizard, then walk in the sewer until you see a platform, jump on the platform, when you get to the top "get" the goodies, the go left (you will see a small platform above your head) jump on the platform and kick the pipe that is shooting stuff at you, it will open up a secret passage below you. Enter the passage to get more goodies. Level Select Press Y, A, X, B, A, Right, Left after Spider-Man appears and lands during the introduction sequence.
  13. Secret Area in Level 8 Find the gold fountain on level 8. Stand towards the middle and left of the screen and throw an opponent toward the left side. Secret Area on Level 1 Move to the top left of level 1 and punch at this location to warp to another level. Expert Mode Enter MRRYPN as a password. Level Select Enter SCBCRS as a password. Press Start to pause game play to display the level selection screen. Note: The game cannot be completed normally when this code is enabled. Level Passwords Level - Password 2 - DCCPMH 3 - MDRKJP 4 - STSPPC 5 - QPMJCV 10 - MDRKJP
  14. Spider-Man - X-Men: Arcade's Revenge Playing Tip Max up your heros in the Gambit Stage of this tough game. In Spider-Man/X-Men you snag an extra life each time you grab 100 Stars. The easiest way to build up Stars in the Gambit Stage is to proceed through the stage until you reach the fourth Green Globe and leap over it, right off the screen. Try to land in the same spot that you jumped from, without touching the Globe. If you manage to land in the correct spot, you'll get a ton of Stars. Quickly repeat this procedure over and over, and you should be able to build up about ten lives before you're nailed by the giant wheel. If you repeat the entire procedure again and again, you can build up 99 lives.
  15. Spider-Man - Venom: Maximum Carnage Secret Rooms When the second level begins, don't climb up yet. Instead, stay on the floor and go to the far right. Here you'll see a door with a window to the right of it. Go to the north-west of that window and fall into it to find a secret room! In the level "RUINED BOYS' HOME", choose Spiderman, get in front of the main doors, face right, and let Carnage hit you. It will take a few tries, but it's worth it. At the 2nd hero select screen, choose Venom.Then, at the level "FANTASTIC FOUR LAB", stand in front of the first left-pointing arrow and try a few jump kicks to enter a hidden room. At the third hero select screen, choose Spiderman. In the level "POLICE STATION," jump into the jail cell with "27" above it. At the level "MANHATTAN ROOFTOP", walk up to the skylight, and hold in right. When you can't move anymore, hold in left and then quickly hold in right instead, and jump. You will do a back-flip somersault onto the skylight and break through it to a secret room. Spider-Man - Venom: Maximum Carnage Bonus Round On San Francisco (being Venom) get to the ATM machine. When there get in front of it by the pillar. Then face to the right and do your special attack to enter the bonus round. Spider-Man - Venom: Maximum Carnage Defeating Carnage, Secret Room To defeat carnage quickly, use a daggerhead or the sonic gun (although the daggerhead works more quickly). In the second stage ("The End"), when you get hit, while you're glowing, move close to Carnage and keep punching him rapidly until you gain your special, and then kick him. In the final stage ("Ruined Boys Home"), go to the front door and face right. Let Carnage hit you and you'll end up in a secret room. Remember to use a daggerhead or the sonic gun to kill him.