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    Super Soccer

    Super Soccer Bonus Game Defeat Argentina in the final round and wait for the referee to steal the trophy. You'll play a special game against the computer. Super Soccer Expert Mode For a harder game, select CONTINUE on the Tournament Mode screen, then press Upper-Right, Lower-Left, Right, Down, Lower-Right, Left, Lower-Left, Upper-Right. Return to the main menu and a new EXPERT option will appear. Super Soccer Final Match To play the final match against Argentina in Super Soccer, press Up, Lower Left, Right, Right, Right, Upper Right, Down, Up at the Team Select screen. Super Soccer Two Player Nintendo Team To let Player 2 be the Nintendo Team do the following. Choose Exhibition, then select "1 player Vs. 2 player" and pick Single Game. Hold START and press B on Controller 2 to get the Nintendo team Super Soccer Curve Ball As soon as you kick the ball, hit right or left on the d-pad (depending on your need). The ball will take a curve, not too rough nor too gentle to the side to where you've chosen Super Soccer Penalty Sweep When you're playing in penalties, you can fool your opponent (only if your opponent is human). This "trick" will make the ball seem to go right when it's really going left and viceverse. To do this, hold down the "R" button, and kick left, or hold down the "L" button and kick right. Super Soccer Score any CPU Opponent You can score on any computer opponent by approaching the goal from any side. Approach at aproximately 45 degrees, and when you're close enough, hit "A" button (it's a low, short pass, that will go in any direction you kick). The goaley will jump over the ball trying to catch it, but the ball will go right under him, clen and smoothe! Super Soccer Kick Harder on Penalties To kick harder on penalties, press "B" once (to start advancing toward the ball), and when you reach the ball, press "B" once again right when you kick. The ball will go way faster than if you don't do this. NOTE: You can use this trick with the other tricks on penalties. Super Soccer Play Against Nintendo For a real challenge, try beating the Nintendo team. To play against these seasons vets, press A, B, Select, Start at the Team Select screen. Super Soccer Play against the NINTENDO team with Argentina To play against the NINTENDO team go to tournament then to continue. Enter: UPLEFT,RIGHT,RIGHT,LEFT,UP,UPLEFT,DOWN,UP
  2. RAGE

    Super Smash TV

    Super Smash TV Enter the Pleasure Dome You have to collect 10 keys to enter the Pleasure Dome.? When you clear the room "Have Enough Keys!" (near the end of the game), run through the door at the bottom of the screen. Super Smash TV Extra Lives and Continues At the game select screen press Left, Left, Up, Down, L, R, Up. Super Smash TV Level Select At the game select screen press Right, Right, Up, Down, R, L. Super Smash TV Secret Rooms There are three secret rooms, one in each of the three arenas.? The secret rooms aren't shown on the map, and the exit lights won't point to them. Arena 1: Clear the room "Total Carnage" (In the lower right corner of the map.)? Run through the door on the right. Arena 2: Clear the room "Buffalo Herd Nearby!" (In the lower right corner). Run through the door on the right.? Arena 3: Clear the room "Secret Rooms Nearby!" (In the lower right corner). Run through the door on the right. Super Smash TV Sound Test At the game select screen, press L, R, L, L, R.
  3. RAGE

    Super Slapshot

    Super Slapshot Customized Team To customize your hockey team, enter the password ".BR.C.D.BR." Choose Tournament or Exhibition mode and select your team. At the Today's Match screen, press Down to highlight and change your team's attributes. Super Slapshot Play Upside-down Enter the password ".SCH.R" and press Start. Start the game, and the players will be skating upside-down!
  4. RAGE

    Super Scope 6

    Super Scope 6 Lazer Blazer: Invincibility When you play Confront Mode of Lazer Blazer, plug your Controller and press X repeatedly until you've been hit five times. You will be invincible for the remainder of the game.
  5. RAGE

    Super R-Type

    Super R-Type Level Select At the startup screen, hold R and press Up 9 times. If you did it right, a tone will chime. Next, start a game and pause it, then hold R + A + Select. A level number will appear in the lower left corner. Use Up and Down to change the number, then unpause your game to warp to that level. Super R-Type Power-Ups At the title screen, press Down, R, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down, Down. A tone will sound. Next, start a game and pause it, then press R, Right, Down, Y, Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Right. To select your power up, press one button from the list below to choose your initial attack, then press another button to choose missiles or bombs. Initial Attack Missiles and BombsA Sky Laser A Homing MissilesB Ground Laser X Spread BombX Reflect LaserY Spread LaserR ShotGun Bomb
  6. RAGE

    Super Putty

    Super Putty Unlimited Lives and Level Skip While playing, pause the game and press R, A, L, L, Y. You should have unlimited lives and can skip any level by pressing SELECT. To turn the code off, simply reenter it.
  7. Super Off-Road: The Baja Fun Run At the game menu press X, B, Y, A, X, B, Y, A. You will be able to play a race that is filled with money bags and nitros.It doesn't help you in the big race.
  8. RAGE

    Super Off-Road

    Super Off-Road Slower Opponents To slow down your opponents, use the same initials as the computer driver.
  9. RAGE

    Super Mario All-Stars

    Super Mario All-Stars Unlimited Toonookee Suits in Super Mario 3 Play the game Super Mario 3 until world three. Then get the hammer. Hold on to your hammer until the beginning of world four. Break the rock next to the start and go into the item shop. Choose the middle box to reveal a toonookee suit. After you leave the item shop, press the START button and select 'Save and Quit'. This should restart the game. Go back to your game and you will have the toonookee suit, the shop will be there, and the rock will be gone. Repeat this process over and over to get more suits. Note: This will not work for the regular nintendo game. Super Mario All-Stars Infinite Flutes To get as many flutes as you want get one flute, complete the world you found it in, then save the game. Then go back to that file and play the level you got the flute in. Repeat this process to get all the flutes you want! Super Mario All-Stars Warps in Super Mario 2 World 1 - Level 3 Close to the arch at the end, grab the potion past the door and throw the potion on the side of the pipe.And go in the potion door and go on top of the pipe and press DOWN. World 4 - Level 2 Where the three steps are grab the potion and go where the top is ice and the bottom is water use princess to glide across the water until you reach some land and throw the potion on top of the pipe and go in the door and press DOWN. World 6 - Level 3 You will go up a ladder. When you get to the top, there will be some quicksand on your left and a brick wall. Jump in the quick sand and make sure that you are against the brick wall. Let your character sink while pushing Left on the D-pad. Once you start moving left, start jumping. You will be hitting the bottom of the brick wall. Once you get all the way under the wall, there will be a Vase or a Door that leads to 6-4. Super Mario All-Stars How to go to Level 9 in Lost Levels Play the game normally until you finish it, but don't use any warp zone. If you are forced to enter a warp zone, use save and quit and return tothe previous stage. When you beat Bowser in 8-4, you will go to the World 9-1, instead of A-1. This is a crazy World, which contains absurd, as lakitu appearing inside of water. After beating World 9, you will go to World A-1. Super Mario All-Stars More Level Warps WORLD 3-LEVEL 1: Go to the door at the bottom. You will find yourself with a place full ofwaterfalls and clouds. Instead of going up, jump down. Try to get as close to the middle as you can. If done correctly, you will land on a doorinstead of a pit. Go in and pick up the potion. Go to the end, drop it, andgo in the warp. WORLD 5 - LEVEL 3: When you start, pick Luigi. Go up the ladder. You'll see a warp place above up. Go near the end of the cliff and hold down. After you start glowing, jump up toward the cliff. Pick up the potion, drop it, and go in. Super Mario All-Stars Unlimited 1-ups in SMB3 You will need a leaf, not a p-wing. It won't work with a p-wing. In thefortress in world 2, at the very beginning, there are threeskeleton-koopas. Using the leaf's floating capabilities, you must create adestroying pattern that allows you to destroy one at a time in a cyclecontinuously. You float and stomp on one as you hold b to bounce higher,float down and stomp on the next one, repeating the process. It takes muchpractice and patience so those with little tolerence should not even botherwith this.
  10. RAGE

    Super Ghouls N Ghosts

    Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Cheat: Level Select and Sound Test In the Options screen, go to EXIT then hold L + R + START on Controller 2 and press START on Controller 1. A new menu will appear where you can choose your starting level or play any of the game's music and sound effects. Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Hint: Easy way to beat the Final Boss When the "Ready Go" message disappears, run to either the right side of Spardius or run right under him and wait for his little face in his armor to spit out 2 blue disks. Quickly jump on the left disk and the game will begin to glitch and slow down,(due to low frame rate) this is an advantage for you because when he spits the lasers all around the area, duck. The middle laser going down will look like its hitting you, but it isn't. Stay ducked and keep on throwing the lance at his face (since your not standing up and your so close to his face, you get a chance to score about 5 or 6 hits in) until the plate beneath you breaks. Repeat this strategy about 3 or 4 times and finally, he'll die. Sometimes when the game is slowing down and the middle bottom laser falls down on you, you will get hit, but don't worry, Arthur will just fall and land on the right plate and you'll still get a chance to hit Spardius.
  11. Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Invulnerability For invulnerability, start a new game and pause immediately. Press A, B, X, Y, Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right and the earth will be in good hands.
  12. RAGE

    Super Drop Zone

    Passwords Callisto wave 1 94379929 Callisto wave 5 41258610 Ganymede wave 1 23458610 Ganymede wave 5 06774889 Europa wave 1 67448422 Europa wave 5 22441687 Io wave 5 46482808 Snake Boss 41201018
  13. RAGE

    Super Double Dragon

    Super Double Dragon Unlimited Continues If you are down to only one continue, and both players are dead, press Start on BOTH controllers simultaneously.
  14. RAGE

    Super Conflict

    Super Conflict Mission Select At the scenario map (with the jeep,) hold L and B, then X and Y.? While holding, release the X, then hold it again.? Release all buttons, then move the jeep up to the unlit area.? Press L and B to light the new area.
  15. RAGE

    Super Caesars Palace

    Super Caesars Palace Easy Money Enter the password 292323Y6GG35B6D4 for $190,000. For even more, enter the password HBF1T2CF29S87JSC for a cool $9,000,000!
  16. RAGE

    Super Buster Bros.

    Super Buster Bros. Level Select Go to the select screen and press L, R, R, L, Up, Down. A stage number will appear on screen. Use Up or Down to change the level number.
  17. RAGE

    Super Bomberman 5

    Super Bomberman 5 Cheat List In Config Battle Mode go to Password Load and enter these codes: 5656: 9 Lives 0110: Power-ups everywhere 1999: See the good ending 2657: Start with lots of power-ups 0926: (reqires 100% completion of game mode) Unlock the Gold Bomberman in Battle Mode 0803: Watch the bad ending
  18. RAGE

    Super Bomberman 3

    Last level Enter 6363 as a password. Gold Bomberman Enter 5656 as a password. Bonus Levels Enter 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc as a password.
  19. RAGE

    Super Bomberman 2

    Jump over walls Use a multi-tap peripheral and use controller five to being a battle mode match. Press Y to jump over the walls. Alternate colors Press Select at the player selection screen. Sudden Death Stage Enter 5656 as a password. The play field will be very small. Six bombs, six flames, and the detonator Enter 1111 as a password.
  20. RAGE

    Super Bomberman

    Bomb Trick At the beginning of each stage, set a bomb and keep on pressing the same button and you'll be a walking a bomb; however, this will end until you stop flashing. You can also start it again by getting the "vest" item. Passwords Stage 1: PART 1: 5555 PART 2: 7503 PART 3: 5543 PART 4: 0513 PART 5: 5522 PART 6: 7564 PART 7: 3535 Stage 2: PART 1: 0055 PART 2: 4005 PART 3: 0043 PART 4: 5012 PART 5: 7024 PART 6: 5064 PART 7: 0034 Stage 3 PART 1: 5453 PART 2: 7402 PART 3: 3444 PART 4: 0412 PART 5: 2423 PART 6: 0464 PART 7: 4434 Stage 4 PART 1: 6154 PART 2: 4103 PART 3: 7144 PART 4: 5114 PART 5: 1122 PART 6: 4164 PART 7: 0135 Stage 5 PART 1: 5252 PART 2: 7204 PART 3: 5244 PART 4: 6213 PART 5: 4224 PART 6: 1264 PART 7: 3232 Stage 6 PART 1: 0652 PART 2: 3605 PART 3: 7645 PART 4: 5615 PART 5: 7623 PART 6: 4665 PART 7: 1635 Shrink At the password code screen enter the password "5656". Sound Test Plug in the Multitap and a controller for player 5. When the title screen appears press and hold R on that controller. A sound test option will appear. Level passwords Enter on password screen: Level 1 = 4361 Level 2 = 6442 Level 3 = 3903 Level 4 = 9564 Level 5 = 7735 Bonus Levels Enter 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc as a password. Level Passwords Level - Password 2 - 4361 3 - 6442 4 - 3903 5 - 9564 6 - 7735 Six bombs, six flames, and the detonator Enter 1111 as a password.
  21. RAGE

    Super Black Bass

    Final Tournament Password P5JG*ZZ22213D3LNPB7B1N335F Bluestone Tournament Password H5P5Z5R222B3L9JN7H731FT11J Lake Murphy Tournament Password HNR222P5Z5P1F9PJDL531V3L3R Clear Lake Tournament Password HJR222P5Z5H1F9PBRL33171319 Super Pro Tournament Password 15Q(Star)F22222D5B9DVFJ751BV9BF Pro Tournament Password FBQ(Diamond)P7M(Heart)CR97T15T3D7D1JV177 Amateur Tournament Password LJZ(Diamond)Q20X(Diamond)JD111FB7H331B7R19
  22. RAGE

    Super Black Bass

    ridiculously long passwords lol
  23. Super Battletank: War in the Gulf Instant Destruction To make quick work of your enemies in Super Battletank, choose 62mm Machine Guns and fire them at your foes. When you score a hit, quickly pause the game. If the enemy is flashing red your shots will continue to pummel him. When you take the game off of pause, the enemy will be destroyed and you'll be on your way.
  24. RAGE

    Super Battletank 2

    Levels - Password 5 to 8 - DFCTPPGM 9 to 12 - LCMSNLYZ 13 to 16 - WDLWHSLW
  25. RAGE

    Super Battletank

    Super machine gun Switch to the machine guns and fire at an enemy target. Pause the game when the target is hit (timing is crucial). The target will continue to be hit by the machine gun and eventually explode.